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A Viking Ship

  • A Viking Ship

    Have you always dreamt of owning your own authentic Viking Ship, built by craftsmen in the ancient Nordic capital of Roskilde? The Viking Museum is now building Viking Ships to order, from a range of models. Why not go for the full battle cruising Gokstad Ship measuring nearly 10 meters! Alternatively if you can't ...

    Mini Jaguar Car

  • Mini Jaguar Car

    This is the 1:2 scale gas-powered version of the iconic Jaguar XK120 that unleashes adults to careen and cruise as if driving the real thing. Faithful to the same details of the original that was first revealed at the London Motor Show in 1948—sweeping rounded fenders, long hood, and tapered grille—this version seats ...

    Sensitive Plant Seeds

  • Sensitive Plant Seeds

    Grow your own Sensitive Plants and see them react to your touch. When you brush the leaves of Mimosa Pudica, you will notice that they will close for a few seconds to minutes, later opening back up. The leaves are not the only thing to react however, the branches themselves will also move when the leaves are touched. ...

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    Rainbow Fireplace Crystals

  • Rainbow Fireplace Crystals

    A few sprinkles of the Rainbow Flame Crystals will produce spectacular blue-green glowing flames in any wood fire, indoors or out. Ideal for fireplaces, campfires and fire pits.

    Camera Drone

  • Camera Drone

    The Parrot Bepop 2 combines both quality and an affordable price. Equiped with a camera, the drone is not only able to take pictures, but also record in 1080p resolution up to 30min, as this is the maximum battery performance. Even low light pictures are incredible sharp thanks to it’s wide-angle 14 megapixel lens. ...

    Water Repelling Shoe Spray

  • Water Repelling Shoe Spray

    Got yourself some new suede shoes? Protect them against rain, liquids and spills with this Liquid Repelling Treatment. The moisture repelling coating keeps them clean and dry. Use it for your shoes, patio furniture, backpacks, gloves, camping gear and more.

    $14.97 $14.99

    World’s Thinnest iPhone Charger Case

  • World’s Thinnest iPhone Charger Case

    Have you ever been in the situation where you need to use your phone, but when you take it out the phone is dead. Never run into that issue anymore! With the iPhone 6/6S Battery Case you will be able to charge your iPhone on the go without having to sit by an outlet for a charge.

    NERF Mega Mastodon

  • NERF Mega Mastodon

    The perfect weapon against those who keep getting on your nerves. Surprise with the Mega Mastodon your friends who just can't shut up for second and watch them escaping faster than scared cat. The Mega Mastodon is the first ever motorized Nerf Mega blaster. This massive blaster has the power and size to take ...

    Ripstick board

  • Ripstick board

    This skateboard/snowboard hybrid combines the two and puts it on wheels. Instead of the traditional four-wheel skateboard, the Ripstick board can make smooth, quick 360-degree turns on just two wheels. Just stand on the sturdy traction plates and subtle movements propel the board even up a hill!

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    Solar Sun Jar -40%

  • Solar Sun Jar

    Capture a little bit of sunshine ready for night time! Leave it outside in direct sunlight and when dusk approaches, flick the switch to 'auto' and it will start to glow as soon as it's dark - or whenever you switch the lights on.

    $24.44 $40.00

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