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A Viking Ship

  • A Viking Ship

    Have you always dreamt of owning your own authentic Viking Ship, built by craftsmen in the ancient Nordic capital of Roskilde? The Viking Museum is now building Viking Ships to order, from a range of models. Why not go for the full battle cruising Gokstad Ship measuring nearly 10 meters! Alternatively if you can't ...

    Mini Jaguar Car

  • Mini Jaguar Car

    This is the 1:2 scale gas-powered version of the iconic Jaguar XK120 that unleashes adults to careen and cruise as if driving the real thing. Faithful to the same details of the original that was first revealed at the London Motor Show in 1948—sweeping rounded fenders, long hood, and tapered grille—this version seats ...

    Megastar Class Home Planetarium

  • Megastar Class Home Planetarium

    The latest creation by world-renowned planetarium designer Takayuki Ohira is the Megastar Class, a compact and silent star-gazing device that projects a million stars in 180 degrees in all directions, complete with diurnal motion set to the 35th parallel north.d also includes mood lighting that can create dusk, dawn ...

    We've hand picked each one of our gift ideas within our collection to be as unique as possible, so you shouldn't have a problem finding your next gift here.

    Life-Size R2-D2

  • Life-Size R2-D2

    “beep bweep waaaaAAAAAA!” He might just be the hero of the entire Star Wars universe. This plucky Astromech droid has saved the “heroes”, carried vital information, and provided a breath of much needed comic relief in a galaxy far far away where things haven’t always been going well. With all those things in ...

    Rocket Coffee Table ( and we have a lift off )

  • Rocket Coffee Table ( and we have a lift off )

    The design is visually playful bringing cartoon-like clouds and aerial rockets from a personal toy collection to life, in the form of a table. Combining various techniques from lathe to 3d printing, resin casting and traditional hand curved pieces, this table is fashioned to draw a smile on the face of nostalgic ...


    Privat IMAX Theater

  • Privat IMAX Theater

    The IMAX Private Theatre is quite simply the Ultimate Home Entertainment Experience. A Quantum Leap in Home Cinema Performance with unmatched Picture and Sound Performance and a Screen that is as immersive as it gets. Now, for the first time, IMAX Experience® can be had in the Privacy of your Home.


    AK47 Chair

  • AK47 Chair

    The Chair is composed of genuine, formally still in service 4 stb AK47 featuring a fixed stock and 2 stb AK47 featuring a so-called folding stock, which utilized as a front chair legs and at the same time as both arm rests. The weapons were completely dismantled and welded back together by mans of 4L sections and 3 ...

    The Personal Submarine

  • The Personal Submarine

    This is the two-person submersible that can descend to a depth of 1,000′. Providing access to underwater features such as coral reefs, shipwrecks, and the sea floor, a completely transparent, climate-controlled 3 1/4″-thick acrylic pressure sphere keeps explorers safe while dipping even into the mesopelagic zone, ...


    The Personal Day Spa

  • The Personal Day Spa

    This is the personal spa that provides soothing heat, massage, and aromatherapy to relax the mind and body. The spa produces dry, sauna-like heat that penetrates deep into tissue to improve circulation and relieve swelling.

    We feature products that have a focus on being out-of-the-ordinary, having amazing product design, or just being really or odd or unusual.

    Lotus Belle Tent

  • Lotus Belle Tent

    And then there is glamping. Glamorous camping, favoured by the likes of actress Sienna Miller and model pal Kate Moss, lets you rough it with all of life’s luxuries: more room, complete protection from the weather and maybe an inner-sprung mattress.

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