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Fart Neutralizer Filter

  • Fart Neutralizer Filter

    Problems with smelly gas? This pack of 5 saving graces (also affectionately known as fart pads or fart filters) effectively filters the odor caused by flatulence; simply stick one in the right place and you're ready for a chili cook-off. Each 3.25" square filter is made of soft fabric with an antimicrobial treatment ...

    Sow and Grow Bonsai Trees -17%

  • Sow and Grow Bonsai Trees

    Get to know how to grow Bonsai's with this simple to succeed kit. Great as a gift for mom, dad, birthdays or spend some time with your kids, teaching them the basics of planting, germination and growing plants. The kit contains 4 organic seed packets, peat soil discs, biodegradable growing pots, plant markers and an ...

    $24.99 $29.99

    Cocoon Home Security System

  • Cocoon Home Security System

    Meet Cocoon, the simplest way to protect your whole home. The device is the size of a baseball, containing a HD Camera, Night Vision, Motion Detection as well as a Very Loud Siren and uses a unique sound-based AI to cover and protect your whole home. No complicated or expensive installation, no monthly fees. Cocoon ...

    The Fidget Cube

  • The Fidget Cube

    Keep youself busy and improve focus with the fidget cube. Each side of this small cube features slideable joysticks, clickable buttons, flippable switches, and roll-able balls for those who can't keep their fingers still.

    We feature products that have a focus on being out-of-the-ordinary, having amazing product design, or just being really or odd or unusual.

    Leather Travel Journal Wallet

  • Leather Travel Journal Wallet

    This A6 size wallet is designed for people who want a little bit of everyday luxury and practicality at the same time. The wallet is handmade with skilled craftsmanship. Made entirely of premium natural cow leather, it will age beautifully over time. I know what I am getting my dad next Father's Day.

    Baby Panda Bath Robe -16%

  • Baby Panda Bath Robe

    Imagine a perky panda with open arms waiting to embrace that newborn after a bath! This delightful panda hooded bath robe for baby makes tub time 'zoo-per' fun! Baby-bundling panda hooded bath robe brings after-bath warmth with a panda-inspired hood, long, black sleeves, a red-felt stitched heart on the chest and ...

    $27.18 $32.00

    Lamzac Louncher

  • Lamzac Louncher

    This is the air lounger for all your adventures. Simple to inflate, just swing the lightweight bag to fill it with air and create a life size air lounger. After you are done chilling it is easily deflated and stored in a small package allowing you to take it anywhere you want! The Lamzac is lightweight and durable, ...

    Pop Out Outlet

  • Pop Out Outlet

    Give your home a clean and modern look and hide the electrical outlets when not in use, simply push on the outlet and it disappears into the wall. Includes capacity for 3 plugs.

    Go The F**k To Sleep Children’s Book

  • Go The F**k To Sleep Children’s Book

    Go The Fuck To Sleep is a children’s book for grown ups, that captures some of the frustrations of getting little one's to sleep at night. Parenting can be challenging at times, especially when it's 3am and you just want to tell your kid to please just go the fuck to sleep.

    We've hand picked each one of our gift ideas within our collection to be as unique as possible, so you shouldn't have a problem finding your next gift here.

    LED Color Changing Shower head

  • LED Color Changing Shower head

    Pimp your morning shower with a splash of color! This water pressure powered LED shower head is constantly changing colors to provide a new shower experience. It is quick and easy to install, simply unscrew your old shower head and screw on the LED shower head. It has a Chrome Finish and adjustable swivel connector so ...

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